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The Square

A story of new beginnings and old scores, community... and murder

Well, The Square is finished at last! Set four years later, I've kept my favourite characters from The Allotments, Jack and Kara, Zoe and Ben, and (I hope this isn't a spoiler) Josie and Hugo. All are trustees of Lady Kirkby Square, built by Jack's to fulfil his great grandmother’s vision of beautiful, but affordable, houses for those in need of a new start.

As the new residents of the square start to move in and are made welcome by the trustees, we learn their stories. Joy, the victim of domestic abuse and her daughter Mia, recently widowed Bert, newlyweds Nadia and Amir hiding from the disapproval of their families, young artist and martial arts expert, Will, and lonely elderly sheep farmer, Elsie.

However, one resident remains out of sight, spying on the others and making trouble for Jack and the residents of the square. Poppy Gilbert has returned to Kirkby and joins forces with Smythe, both of whom spent time in prison for conspiring to defraud Lady Kirkby and now want their revenge.

I won't tell you any more, but The Square is a murder-mystery novel that will keep you guessing all the way through, but more than that, it is a heart-warming story of community, kindness and friendship.

Publication date yet to be announced.

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